8 - 25 September 2014

Walk, cycle, bus, train, ferry, carpool and win!


Prizes for individuals or teams


Workplaces battle it out


Nominate Newbies, Recruiters & Old hands

How it works

It’s easy, just log the total kilometres you travel each day on foot, bike, public transport or in a carpool and you’ll earn points.

1 point for each km you carpool

2 points for each km by public transport

3 points for each km you bike

4 points for each km you walk/run/scoot

To keep things fair we only calculate points up to a maximum of 20km travelled by each method each day

2014 Leaderboard

Terry Bloomfield 1665 points
Dutch Walkers 1043 points
McClellan Grimmer Edgar Optometrist 100%

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Numbers on the street

  • 1,171 participants
  • 131 teams
  • 56 workplaces
  • 36,778 kms walked
  • 32,320 kms cycled
  • 173,940 kms by public transport
  • 89,157 kms carpooled

332195 street-friendly kms travelled